Google+ Flags Coworkers, Attempts To Create Virtual Office Space

Google Enterprise Search Coworkers

Google+ is preparing to launch a new feature which would alert users whenever they add someone they work with to a new circle.

Announced on the Google Enterprise blog the company had this to say about it’s new platform:

“[Google wanted to] make it easier for you to find coworkers, add them to Circles and share things with them on Google+, we’re adding new domain labels. When you hover over someone’s name or photo, a window will show with more information. If that person is part of your organization, you’ll see a label below their name with your organization’s name. You’ll see this same label when you +mention a colleague in a post or comment.”

The labels feature is only visible to other people in your company which ensures that each users connects with the right person.

Here’s a quick view of the new Google+ coworker connection tool:

Google Enterprise Search Coworkers



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