Jon Stewart Leaving ‘The Daily Show’ After 16 Years

Jon Stewart

During today’s taping of ‘The Daily Show’, host, Jon Stewart announced to the audience that he is planning to leave the show. Stewart has hosted the show since January 1999. Comedy Central immediately confirmed the news by tweeting out a statement. The channel has made it clear that the show will continue with a new host.

The show also tweeted out a hint at the big news.

Jon Stewart’s contract is set to expire in September of this year. It will be interesting to see who Comedy Central will choose to carry on one of their top-rating shows. The news comes on the heels of another Comedy Central show losing their namesake host. Stephen Colbert from ‘The Stephen Colbert Report’ stepped down from the popular show to take over for a retiring David Letterman in September.

The show shakeups has left the channel scrambling to boost up falling ratings.

As for Jon Stewart, it is unclear what the future holds. Only time will tell. Perhaps, Stewart will make a big announcement on tonight’s episode.

The episode will air tonight at 11/10 Central on Comedy Central.

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