$30,000 wine bills & Coke binges: Johnny Depp’s lifestyle undraped


Johnny Depp’s Hollywoodland modus vivendi was unveiled during his calumny battle with Amber Heard, his ex-wife.

Elephantine monthly wine bills, private islands in the Bahamas, blackout-resulting ‘nose candy’ binges, numerous penthouses, ransacked location homes, drug rehab, and a fortune reportedly siphoned off by former managers – Johnny Depp is the embodiment of a Hollywood rockstar. During the four-week case, the 57-year-old thespian championing a decadent, over-the-top lifestyle was never in doubt. As David Kipper, the doctor who presided over Depp’s detox regimen grumbled in notations read aloud at the trial, Johnny “romanticized the drug culture”.

The famed actor based Captain Jack Sparrow, his Pirates of the Caribbean character, on Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones guitarist (who led a life of overindulgence).  In Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, a drug-saturated adventure, Depp played Hunter S. Thompson as well. For much of their terse marital life, Depp and Heard resided in Los Angeles in the Eastern Columbia art deco building wherein one wing he owned five penthouses in a complex. Ben King, Depp’s intermittent butler, testified that he sometimes witnessed the star smoking weed around the residence, however, emphasized he was “always polite”.

Depp confessed to shelling out more than $30,000 every 30 days on wine prior to going into rehab. The actor’s alcohol and drug binges were a routine theme of his life. The trial showed numerous images of Depp passed out on the floor. “For someone who was pretty self-destructive during my life, I have been pretty lucky that my brain is still functioning,” Depp said in an interview regarding his substance consumption. Heard inferred Depp’s steadfast staff and considerable wealth padded him from normal life, accumulating in the movie star ‘losing touch with reality.’


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