Christmas Season Postponed due the Coronavirus?

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Everyone thought that COVID-19 will disappear in a few months and we could once again enjoy our normal lives by the end of 2020. But, we can’t be any more wrong. It would even seem that the Christmas Season will be postponed due to the Coronavirus. Quarantine restrictions have been loosened up mid this year after numerous countries saw declining numbers of positive cases. However, many parts of Europe and the US have been seeing another rise in numbers – an indication that a second wave of the disease is apparent in these cold seasons. Will we even have Christmas this year?

Latest EU and US Lockdowns Through Christmas Season

Just this week, many parts of Europe have been imposing stricter lockdowns once again. Countries like France, England, and Germany are seeing a new rise in COVID cases and deaths now that the temperatures are dropping again. Epidemiologists warn that this kind of situation is not far from reality in the US. The country could share a similar fate as many of those in Europe if no action will be put in place.

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Extensions of COVID regulations until 2021

Experts believe that the on-again, off-again lockdown regulations will be put in effect until mid-2021. Until the numbers go down again, the COVID-19 regulations are not to be loosened.

COVID-19 regulations include staying home and leaving the house strictly for very important purposes. Christmas shopping is now off the list and people are encouraged to explore their options online. Banning social gatherings of more than six people at a time is another strict regulation. This means that Christmas dinners and New Year’s parties might be postponed and celebrated virtually again. Family reunions are recommended to be celebrated at another time as governments are also very strict about visiting with other households. This even includes meeting other people that are not within the same household.

Christmas Season Postponed Events

Multiple Christmas events were postponed this year. This includes festivities, parties, concerts, and performances. Countries all over the globe are thinking of ways to have COVID-safe festivities and celebrations.

This includes Christmas fairs in many parts of the world. One of the biggest retailers in the UK, Marks, and Spencers, even proposed the resurgence of the trend of sending cards for the holidays. On a not so surprising note, the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball Drop is going to be celebrated virtually. NYC government announced these back in September.

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