Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in Awkward Apology For Pups

You’ve probably heard recently that Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard were both put on trial today in Australia and forced to make a public apology. The reason? They got busted at Customs for trying to smuggle in their puppies, Pistol and Boo. The pups were even threatened to be put down, and the couple lost the court case and fined with a one-month $1,000 “good behavior” bond.

And oh yes, they were also made to post this public apology on Youtube. Prepare to cringe.

I… uh. Ergh. Yeah.

Twitter quickly got on just how absurd the situation was as it was embarrassing.

It hurt to watch, for all the awkward reasons.

Somewhere behind the camera, some Australian figure of authority is enjoying this a little bit too much.

We feel your pain, Johnny.

The UK and France are still looking for their apologies for the accents.


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