JoeySalads Does Another Social Experiment, This Time With Drug Rape [Video]

JoeySalads date rape drug

YouTube star, JoeySalads is known for his thought-provoking social experiments, like his child abduction experiment. He asked parents if they thought there kid would leave the playground with a stranger. He then attempted to get the children to leave with him.

His most recent social experiment takes a look at drug rape. In the video, he shows how easy it is to roofie someone by placing drugs in their drinks. The footage shows JoeySalads spiking unsuspected people’s drinks with ease. Now, he isn’t using real drugs, just trying to make a point. Watch JoeySalads show just how easy it is to drug someone’s drink.

JoeySalads slips the “pill” into the unsuspecting girl’s drink with ease. Whether it be right in front of a group of friends or with the girl sitting right there in front of the cup, date rape is too easy. The only defense is to stay vigilant and always keep your drink in your sight.

Uploaded just two days ago, the video already has more than 200,000 views. JoeySalads knows how to make viral videos!

JoeySalads says he made this date rape drug video to educate people. In the video’s description, he writes one share could save a life.

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