Joe Simpson Twitter Account Hacked, Disturbing Child Molestation Claims Tweeted

Joe Simpson Twitter Account Attacked

Joe Simpson, the father of singer Jessica Simpson, has publicly confirmed that his Twitter account was recently hacked.

The hack went down on Monday, December 16, and involved such disturbing messages as “It’s true – i’ve molested people … I’ve molested kids.”

Simpson was locked out of Twitter for nearly a full hour while some pervert made use of his account to post nearly 40 messages. Many of those tweets accused Joe Simpson of molesting kids. Most of the tweets used his name in reference to illegal acts.

In another message the hacker wrote, “I’ve used my ‘name’ and abused my power. I’ve molested multiple and can provide proof. Everyone should know.”

When followers of Jessica Simpsons dad questioned the accounts recent tweets the imposter wrote, “For those who are wondering … my account has not been hacked but as I said I would remove those tweets … see I can get away with anything ;)”

Eventually the real Joe Simpson regained control of his account and tweeted the following message:

The official account can be followed @PapaJoeSimpson.

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