Joe Biden’s Popularity Continues to Plunge, Twitter Shows us Why

Over the course of the last year, President Joe Biden’s popularity continues to plunge and his approval ratings have fallen quite low. Trump supporters and Republicans hit on his actions daily and a lot of people fall into the trap of believing them. The media has been catching on too, and we see a lot of negative things about Joe Biden on social media. Although, yes, America could be in such a better place now, but an administration could only do so much in 10 months. Some of the President’s intentions are innately good but don’t sit well with a lot of Americans. Could it be the Republican trolls working overtime to ruin the President’s image? Or is this truly a reflection of how Americans are feeling right now about his Presidency?

His so-called racism, Twitter trends #RacistJoe early in November

Biden Administration and the National Supply Chain Crisis

Issues on the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for workers

The recent gas price hike seems to be his fault too

Joe Biden’s Popularity is affected by his Afghanistan “abandonment”

The Nantucket Vacation for Thanksgiving

You can’t just attack world leaders at a summit, Karen

In conclusion?

Must we all be angry at Joe Biden? Some of his actions are truly disappointing and make us all wonder if he truly deserves to be America’s President. And there are so many times we prayed that he could have done better. However, his actions are not something that should push us into a rage. We have all seen worse in the past couple of years. What we must remember is that all the policies that the administration does both have positive and negative effects. We may not immediately see its benefits but, in good faith, something good may come out of them in the long run.

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