JK Rowling Wins April Fools Day

The Scottish Resistance tried to pull an April Fool's Day joke on JK Rowling but she flipped it on its head.

The Scottish Resistance recently photoshopped a picture of JK Rowling wearing one of their shirts and the image was posted to their Facebook group and made rounds on Twitter. The group is trying to get Scotland to declare independence from England. According to The Guardian, they have about 100 actual members and 7,500 Facebook likes.

Unfortunately for them, nobody takes them very seriously. Scotland voted in September not to become an independent nation. They are considered a country but they’re also in the United Kingdom with Wales, England and Northern Ireland. The feud between JK Rowling (who’s actually from Scotland) and the group started a few months ago when she sent out a mocking sort of tweet.

So for April Fool’s Day, the group decided to play a little joke on her. The photoshopped picture made a lot of noise. Some people actually seemed to believe that the image was real. And the suggestion that JK Rowling is working on a piece entitled “The Fall of the House of Westmonster” is kind of an inside joke, but don’t worry, I’ve done the necessary wikipedia/youtube research. “Westmonster” is a play on the term “Westminster” which refers in part to the Palace of Westminster, which is where the British Parliament meets.

JK Rowling would not be outdone, she’s becoming something of a social media personality. I suppose that’s what authors do when they’re sufficiently bored. The Harry Potter genius got on Twitter and unveiled a photo of herself wearing an actual “Scottish Resistance” shirt.

And it seems that the feud continues, a few days ago she retweeted a column entitled “Why I am not a Scottish Nationalist” that appeared in The Times. So, pretty much, JK Rowling is probably about the coolest YA author out there and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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