JK Rowling Slams Down ‘Evil Dumbledore’ Theory

Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts, evil?!?!

J. K. Rowling, author, philanthropist, and gracious lady of the Twitterverse, will always address a fan theory that pops up and finds her way to her. Take for example her response to this theory that Dumbledore was a time traveler. She dealt with it swiftly with just two words:

Ms. Rowling won’t sugar-coat it if it isn’t necessary, and she will certainly hoot a theory down if it doesn’t fit. Which brings us to this rather extensively-explained fan theory that supposes Dumbledore turned Fawkes into a Horcrux — making him one of the evilest characters in the books. (gasp!)

Dumbledore, the wizard Potterheads adore — actually an evil wizard?! JK Rowling, help! Please say it isn’t so!

Thank goodness, the author rode in to save the day. You can also read how she may quite understandably taken offense at the idea that Dumbledore would have ever tried anything of the sort.

Other fans chimed in to support Rowling and further bury the theory.

Other fans in the twitter discussions did sound very convinced of the video’s theory. However, we have JK Rowling, who is very much alive and very active in social media, and what she says is how toe story cannon goes.

Ms. Rowling doesn’t always take down theories. there are some tht she holds dear, too. When asked what her favorite fan theory was, this was her response:

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