Jimmy Graham Airs Frustration With Saints Over Twitter

Jimmy Graham is "shocked and upset" with the Saints offseason moves

Franchise tagged tight end Jimmy Graham has had enough of the Saints’ offseason shenanigans and he’s letting everyone know.

When Graham was tagged by New Orleans he turned to Twitter to let his fans know. After all, everyone just wants a little sympathy.

Until recently though Jimmy Graham was an ideal soldier. In four years he has never complained about his rookie contract or anything else… until Friday.

When it was reported that the Saints were planning to trade or release Darren Sproles, Graham couldn’t keep quiet. Sproles has been one of the most productive Saints in his tenure and has even set a few NFL records.

Jimmy Graham kept it simple, tweeting:

Graham might be the second most important Saint after Drew Brees so the team might want to find a way to keep him happy. The last thing New Orleans needs are Graham’s feelings towards the team affecting him on the field.

The Saints hope to make the playoffs again in 2014 and even win the Super Bowl. Losing Sproles will hurt, but losing Graham’s faith in the team could be worse.

The suddenly vocal Jimmy Graham is a concern for the Saints, but it’s not the team’s biggest concern. He is understandably upset right now, he’s learning the NFL is a business for the first time. That’s not an easy realization for any player. If he’s still acting this way before the offseason ends we should be concerned.

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Scott Croker

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