Drew Brees Drunk Driving? Saints QB Worries Fans With Twitter Pic

drew brees

Drew Brees and his wife Brittany Dudchenko went to a special screening of The Wolf Of Wall Street and apparently they decided to have a few drinks before going to the theater…

… Drinks of root beer that is.

That little glass bottle in the bottom of the photo caused a few Saints fans to worry about their quarterback. Several fans took to Twitter to ask Brees if he was drinking and driving.

Of course, he wasn’t. The New Orleans Saints QB eventually realized that his picture was creating a little tension on Twitter and decided to diffuse the situation with another photo.

It would be pretty surprising if Drew Brees was caught drinking a beer while driving. The New Orleans Saints QB has kept his nose pretty clean during his NFL career. In fact, the last time that Drew Brees was arrested was for murdering the Dallas Cowboys defense.

Drew Brees is just a good guy. Plain and simple. He’s never really been in trouble in the NFL and has been a driving force of good will and charity in New Orleans. On Bleacher Report’s good guy list, Brees ranked in the top 5.

BR writes: “One of Brees’ most notable good guy moments came in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina when he took part in the recovery of New Orleans through his charity, the Brees Dream Foundation, all the while leading the Saints to the 2010 Super Bowl Championship and becoming the city’s hero.”

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