Jenny Lewis Recruits Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, And Brie Larson For “Just One Of The Guys” Music Video [Watch]

Jenny Lewis Just One of the Guys Music Video Collage

Celebrity cameos are something the public rarely asks for, but when they happen.. its a freaking frenzy.

Jenny Lewis asked familiar female faces to sing/act/play instruments and wear facial hair for her “Just One of the Guys” official music video off her upcoming solo album The Voyager. Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, and Brie Larson pull off a mean tracksuit and handsome facial hair. These ladies are excellent in helping Lewis emphasize the pressures women face and saying no to gender norms.

No matter how hard Lewis tries, to be just one of the guys, there is a little something inside that won’t let her. Preach, sista.

Hathaway was all about that rat tail, which was all her idea. Lewis told GQ,  “The rat tail was all Annie. Deep character exploration. Her dude is a bit more Backstreet Boy than the rest. Melancholy Backstreet Boy is what I think she was going for—he really feels things deeply and break dances like a motherf****r.”

Look at all the Kristen Stewart emotion! Who knew all she needed was a tracksuit and a mustache?

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