Jennifer Lawrence And Jimmy Fallon Play “Box Of Lies” [Video]

Lawrence and Fallon Box of Lies

Jennifer Lawrence has won over the hearts of many, for being exactly who she is: awkward, beautiful, down-to-earth, and now maybe because of her lying skills?

On “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Jennifer Lawrence sat down for an interview to promote her role on X-men: Days of Future Past arriving in theaters May 23. In true Jimmy Fallon fashion, a guest will not leave without taking part in some type of game. On Thursday night’s episode, Lawrence and Fallon fought to prove who was better at deception, playing “Box of Lies.”

Taking turns picking up mystery boxes, the player has to choose whether or not to truthfully describe what was in their box for the other player, which is out of their view, and the opponent must decide if they are telling the truth or a lie.

Obviously, with Lawrence and Fallon, hilarity ensues.

The two do successfully play the game, but get side tracked in doing impressions and bantering back and forth. A game that makes you feel as if you are right there joking along with them.

For example, Lawrence described a Rubik’s cube stuck in Jell-O, while Fallon described a Backstreet Boy doll surrounded by Hershey’s kisses.

Watch the clip and you will definitely laugh with these two jokesters.

[Photo credit: YouTube]

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