Is this the Saddest Christmas Tree of 2014?

A good tree is crucial to a good Christmas — a trip to a Christmas tree farm can often run far longer than expected if you get caught up inspecting every last branch to make sure that your festive centerpiece is just right. However, when the Christmas tree in question is for a whole city rather than just a family, there’s even more pressure to find the perfect specimen.

That’s why residents of Reading, PA are up in arms about the lackluster offering that they’ve been presented with for this festive season. Weather complications prevented workers from being able to source the intended tree when they needed to, so a 45-foot Norway Spruce was sourced from a local park.

However, the tree was a rather sadder sight than many residents would have expected. A surge of complaints regarding the tree hit authorities, and there was some question as to whether it should simply be replaced. That’s when the tree’s supporters hit back, suggesting that the tree typified the underdog spirit of the city perfectly and demanding that it stay.

As a compromise, a nicer tree was erected a few blocks away — but the original tree remains where it was place initially. It’s a little bit glum looking, but it seems that most Reading-ites are growing to love their sad-looking Christmas tree. Ahead of its full decoration, a single red bauble was placed upon it, referencing the iconic tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Could you grow to love a Christmas tree like this? Do we put too much pressure on Christmas trees because of our unrealistic body image expectations for festive foliage? Let us know in the comments section below, or get in touch via Twitter by following @SocialNewsDaily.

Brad Jones


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