iOS 7 Download Problems Lead To Twitter Rage, Humorous Tweets

Apple iOS 7 Download Problems

Apple iOS 7 download problems have been reported by many users since the update was released on Wednesday. Not only have some users experienced problems downloading the iOS 7 platform, others are having trouble activating the download if it actually completes.

Glitches are pretty common with new mobile device reviews but that didn’t stop angry messages from Apple customers and the occasional Apple iOS 7 directed joke.

Slow download times have also been reported by some users who ultimately managed to activate the new mobile OS.

Apple has not yet responded to the iOS 7 download problems but users have had no problem chiming in:

Of course there are always a few jokesters and the iOS 7 download issue brought them out en masse:

Many users experienced no problems at all:

This post isn’t related to the iOS 7 download issues but it’s still a great tweet:

Have you experienced any iOS 7 download problems? What do you think of Apple’s newest mobile platform?

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