Quora App Completely Rebuilt For iOS 7


Quora has launched a major update to its iOS app, and not only redesigned, but rebuilt it completely to take advantage of iOS 7 hitting Apple devices today.

According to Marc Bodnick, lead of Quora’s business and community teams, iOS 7 enabled the social network to create a much simpler reading experience.

To navigate the app, you now use gestures or swipes, and the feed is organized with five types of content: questions or answers, open questions, top stories, reviews and blogs.

Users can also vote up answers within the feed, and you can better interact with content without ever leaving the feed.

Currently, the completely rebuilt iOS app is only available for the iPhone, but an iPad/iPad Mini version is expected before the end of the year.

Around one third of Quora users access the iOS or Android app, and there are over 400,000 topics up for discussion with Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones the top two.


Mike Stenger

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