Invention Lets You Charge Your Phone Using Magic Circle, Anime-Style

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Photo by YouTube/6秒商店

We live in truly interesting times, being able to bring mobile televisions and computers in our pockets every day. That technology has advanced to a point where functionality is not even a problem anymore, now people mostly worry about having enough juice in their phones. Well, say no more because Japan has a stylish solution for that, using a magic circle, taking its inspiration from anime.

Introducing the magic circle phone charger. This lets you charge your phone without dongles or wires, of course, you’re phone will have to be viable for wireless charging first. If you have watched the anime Fullmetal Alchemist, then you would know just how convenient it is to have powers similar to the people in that show, being able to manipulate matter to their advantage using transmutation/magic circles. Well, this charger allows you to live that dream, to a certain degree.

The company responsible for this invention is Japan’s Six Second Shop and their magic circle charger has since been all the rage in the mobile phone industry, especially for anime fans. Six Second shop did it by utilizing the wireless charging capability of all capable phones, which will probably be the norm in the near future. If you are also wondering why the name of their shop, that is because they promise that you will want what they are selling in the first six seconds after seeing it.

Unfortunately, Six Second Shop is not selling the product yet because they are still finalizing the concept. Apparently, it has the inherent problem of accidentally summoning a demon while charging your phone, being a magic circle and all… Jokes aside, they are still preparing for mass production for the product and actual distribution, but given the hype for the product, they may soon follow through with their concept.

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