Insane ‘Muslim-Free’ Gun Shop Owner Selling Bernie, Obama, and Hillary Targets


Florida Gun Shop Owner Who Made His Store ‘Muslim-Free’ Is Now Selling Bernie, Obama, and Hillary Targets

A Florida man who made headlines in 2015 for banning Muslims from his gun shop is making headlines once again. The regrettably infamous “Muslim-free gun store” is now selling targets featuring the faces of President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Here’s a tweet with a screencap of the page where shoppers can purchase the targets.

Last July, the gun store’s owner, Andy Hallinan, made an announcement via his YouTube channel, stating that going forward he would refuse service to anyone he even suspected of being Muslim.

“I have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure the safety of all patriots in my community,” Hallinan said.

“And so effective immediately, I’m declaring Florida Gun Supply as a Muslim-free zone. . . I will not arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots.”

And who could forget the lovable George Zimmerman? You know, the man who admitted to shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin way back in 2013. Mr. Zimmerman, wanting to capitalize off of his new-found popularity in right-wing media, joined forces with Hallinan to sell original artwork through the store, stating he was doing so to meet his living expenses. The art was also very bad.

Hallinan is now offering targets of the three Democrats on a website called “” At press time, the targets were discounted to $4.99 from an original price of $9.99—we’ll see how that changes as more blogs and media outlets report on it.

I suppose, in some conservative circles, shooting a hole through a cardboard cut-out of Barack Obama qualifies as rational political discourse. The next few years are going to be fun, aren’t they?

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