‘I Want My Foreskin Back,’ Says Anti-circumcision Protesters


Activists donning clothes with red ‘blood’ splotches in the groin area protested they want their foreskin back at an intersection in Florida, according to reports.

The Bloodstained Men rallied with signs that said “Circumcision is sexual mutilation” and “I want my foreskin back,” amongst others. Images of the protesters were posted to a famed Facebook group for residents in Bradenton, where they drew hundreds of comments from folks both against and for the medical procedure normally performed on baby boys. The layover in Bradenton was merely one of several events slated throughout the state in the upcoming weeks, including one in Orlando on Feb 6th at the University of Central Florida.

via City Pages

According to local reporters, the group protests for a male’s right to choose whether he has his foreskin excised or not. “It should be your choice how much of your penis you get to keep. Nobody should be tampering with the genitals of children,” a spokesperson for Bloodstained Men spoke to newspapers.

Analysis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that circumcision can lessen the probability of sexually transmitted infections and various health difficulties. The World Health Organization concludes that roughly 80% of men in America are circumcised as opposed to 21% in the United Kingdom, and 32% in Canada.

Physicians claim circumcision can reduce the risk of developing urinary tract infections and penile cancer. Dr. George Van Buren, an MCR Health pediatrician, pointed out in an interview that the American Academy of Pediatrics likes for parents to make an election on whether their baby partakes in the procedure.


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