Man Charged With Illegal Circumcision Of 2 Teenagers


A man from Missouri who began his own religious ministry has been charged with illegally circumcising two teens.

This dateless photo provided by the Christian County Missouri Sheriff’s Department exhibits Curtis Abbott. Abbott who launched his own religious ministry has been charged with the illegal circumcision two teens; Photo: Christian County Sheriff’s Department

Curtis Abbott, 47, of Nixa, has pleaded not guilty to one count of unauthorized practice of medicine or surgery and two counts of child endangerment. Abbott sent a statement to the The Springfield News-Leader calling the accusations “false.”

Various details of the case, including a motive, have not been made public as a result of the case being handled by a grand jury.

Abbott did however admit that his ministry had “several false starts in years past.”

Yes well, it goes a lil’ something like that; Photo: Gfycat

Abbott founded an organization named “Restore Bible Culture.”

His divorce court filings finalized this summer state he said he has had “multiple prophetic communications.”

Next week is his initial scheduled hearing.

Photo: Gifer; Ha yeah, that’s nice to know..

Circumcision is virtually universal in the Muslim and Jewish religions, having commenced with Abraham (Genesis 17: 11) who lived around 2000 BC. Abraham could not get Sarah (his wife) pregnant, for some reason. The story goes God ordered him to get circumcised, and he swiftly achieved in fathering a son, Isaac, by Sarah.

Some of the reasons for circumcision is a reduced risk of urinary tract infections, a decreased risk of some sexually transmitted diseases in men, safeguard against penile cancer, a diminished risk of cervical cancer in female intercourse partners, prevention of balanoposthitis (inflammation of the glans and foreskin) and prevention of balanitis (inflammation of the glans).


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