‘I Don’t Think People Are Quitting Facebook,’ Says Microsoft Researcher


Facebook has become a daily habit like our morning cup of coffee, and a recent yet ridiculous study claimed it’d lose 80 percent of users by 2017.

According to Danah Boyd, a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, she doesn’t think people are quitting Facebook.

Yesterday, The Verge published an extensive interview with Boyd who spoke about the social network, teens, Snapchat and more.

On people leaving the addiction behind:

“I don’t think people are quitting Facebook. There’s quitting Facebook and there’s just not making it the heart and center of your passion play. I’m of an era where I grew up and the notion that “You’ve Got Mail” was exciting. Everything about email — we would race home after school and be like, “What’s on email” and this is great. It was like little gifts from the heavens.”

Boyd says the social network is not a place of passion, but more of a valuable place to go whenever we need to reach someone.

[Tweet “”The era of Facebook is an anomaly. The idea of everybody going to one site is just weird.””]

Its social graph could stand the test of time, though that involves Facebook not making any major mistakes, which she “wouldn’t put it past them.”

Apps like Snapchat worry parents, but Boyd doesn’t think parents should be so worried about their kids having different identities online.

“The idea of real names being the thing that leads you — that’s not actually what leads us in the physical space. We lead with our bodies. We adjust how we present our bodies by situation. We dress differently, we sit differently, we emote differently. The thing about having everything linked to this universal identifier as though that’s real is just not real. That’s not how this works.”

Have you or anyone you know quit Facebook? If so, what was the big reason?

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