Pi Day 2014 Captivates The Geeky Social Web

pi day

Happy Pi Day, internet geeks!

Pi Day 2014 is upon us, and if you haven’t yet seen the annual outpouring of love for math, the number 3.14, and arbitrary holidays, you picked a good year to get in on the fun.

Pi Day has been increasing in profile year after year thanks to services like Twitter and Facebook. Grownups that liked math better than sports often mark the day in tweets and on other sites, and kids are learning about math through Pi Day activities in schools and during other activities.

In recent years, big brands have even started getting in on the Pi Day love, boosting their Q rating to internet geeks with tweets like this:

Science shows love too:

There are nerd jokes:

Some statistical info:

And So. Much. Pie!

No seriously, all the pie:

Of course, there are always dissenters:

But they too were buried in pie:

How did your Twitter friends react to Pi Day 2014?



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