Incredibly Powerful Video Starts ‘I Am Not A Target’ Hashtag Trend

It is a simple premise but one that will stay with you long after you see it and comprehend it.

I am not a target, I am a human being. What we don’t understand when it comes to war and aggression is, it is not always the OTHER GUY doing the damage. We need to own up and realize that sometimes, it is us. Sometimes, to them, after we have done an air raid, we are just that. The monsters, even if in our hearts we  believe are doing the right thing.

So watch this video and let the message behind it really sink in. I am not a target, you are not a target, they are not a target:

We are all just human beings, trying our best to actually be human, despite the color of our skin or the basis of our theology or the silly, invisible borders and religions that separate us.




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