10 Dogs with a Better Haircut Than Donald Trump

By Michael Vadon, cropped by User:Schmarrnintelligenz, edited by User:Calliopejen1 [ CC BY-SA 4.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

Of President Trump’s many beautiful physical characteristics, his hair is among the most commented upon. Perhaps only slightly less notable than his truly human skin color, his hairdo is like a creature of its own, with whims and mercies truly alien to analysis by mere mortals. Style and grace, together at last on the scalp of our nation’s brave leader.

It’s hardly remarkable that a dog would have a better mane than Trump. Let’s check out a bunch of dogs that have a nicer haircut than Donald Trump!

1. And Oldie But a Goodie

You just don’t see class like this anymore. But man, that dog has to be basically blind. This gorgeous Yorkie from 1915 takes our grand prize for luxurious canine hairdos. It’s long, flowing trestles best the hair on many humans, and it’s dignified carriage projects an air of confidence that’s truly presidential.

2. Pure as the Driven Snow

American Eskimo Dog (1546×1213 jpeg) – Image taken by Robert Southworth, 2004-9-4. Used under CC-BY-3.0

Another gorgeous pupper, this one with luscious white fur. That luxurious white coat is surely a pleasure to behold, and the dog’s cheerful attitude heightens the pups appeal. He’s even the right color to fit in with some of the president’s most ardent supporters!

3. King among Kings

King Charles’ Spaniels always have such a pleasant face and buoyant disposition. So unlike the president. So very, very unlike the president. With a gorgeous curly mane, this pup will approach each day with confidence befitting his or her lovely looks.

4. A Friendly Face


Even average dogs are blessed with a friendly disposition and a pleasant attitude. And while this black pup’s coat might not be the most remarkable, he’s a photogenic boy that would love to say hello to you.

5. Snap into a Dog Treat

We didn’t know Chihuahua’s could grow their hair out like this! This coat is as lovely as it is unexpected. And we’re absolutely stunned that there aren’t more pups like this out in the world every day.

6. Short Legs, Long Hair

This friendly face surely won’t win a race, but then, neither would the competition. I don’t think Cadet Bone Spurs is running anywhere too quickly these days, despite his apparent peak physical condition.

7. A Glamorous Greyhound

This greyhound’s unexpectedly long locks surely flutter in the breeze at it zooms along the trail. A dog this rapid needs streamers if you want to keep an eye on her, and this hairdo brings out the best in this rapid companion. With such a confident visage, it’s no surprise that this pup gladly rocks a unique style.

8. Diversity Initiative

Dalmatians, the melting pot of dogs! Do you like our heavy-handed metaphor? It’s about race!

9. Yappie Grandeur


Sure, teacup Yorkies don’t have the best of reputations. They can be unpleasantly talkative, almost as if they irrationally believe they’re about 100 times larger and more powerful than they actually are. Gee, what a parallel.

10. Fun and Flirty

This charming pup comes with an upturned nose and a delightful hair ribbon! It’s hard not to imagine just how glorious Mr. Trump would look with a similar hairstyle, his completely natural hair tied up in a bouncy top pony. So flirty!



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