How You Can Use Twitter To Cheer Someone Up


A new website is using tweets from Twitter to help turn a person’s frown upside down.

Visitors to can reply to tweets of people that are feeling down or just having a bad day. The tweets are randomly selected through a computerized process. gathers thousands of tweets using Twitter API and then sifts through them with the MetaMind Sentiment Analysis API to find people who are feeling down, or who have had a rough day.

The clever concept was created by computer science majors at the University of Maryland. One of the creators, Anthony DiMeo talked to SocialNewsDaily about how he and his roommates participated in a “Hackathon” hosted by Twitter. In the timespan of a weekend, was created.

The project won “best hack” at the competition and is changing the way people use social media. Instead of breaking down, this website helps you build them up.


But what if you are the one having the bad day? DiMeo and his friend thought of that too. Simply add #cheermeup for your tweet to be added to the random selection of tweets.

“ is a quick and easy way to spread a little happiness, and make someone smile,” DiMeo explains. “We’re not looking for fame or fortune, just to make some days better.”

What are you waiting for? Go make someone’s day.

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