How to Promote a Business Using Instagram

With so many people leaving Facebook for Instagram, businesses of all kinds need to adapt as well and design different promotional campaigns. Although you’re dealing with another social media platform and the advertising is done relatively the same, if we talk about Instagram, there are some key aspects which you should consider, and today we will talk about them.  

If you have an online business of some kind, you must use social platforms for advertising your products or services (as well as traditional marketing platforms such as, and we’re here to help. Let’s dive in!    

Hashtag contests

Probably one of the easiest ways to drive new Instagram followers and get user-generated content is via hashtag contests. So, how does it work? In a nutshell, you’re putting a few prizes on the table, and users need to follow your page and submit a photo with a relevant hashtag (according to the contest’s guidelines). By doing so, their friends will find out about your contest and business, and they will be able to vote on their submission. Whoever gets the most votes will win the competition.

Using testimonials

Having your customers give their impression or review about your products on your Instagram page can be a huge confidence boost for any new person landing on your page and considering to buy one of your products. 

Before deciding to buy something online, people look for feedback from others who bought the same thing. Encouraging them to post their opinion on your Instagram page can be one of the best promotion methods in your arsenal, and it’s even free.

Diversify your posts

Your Instagram followers will gradually get annoyed if you try to sell something to them every single post. As a result, you will need to post constantly free and relevant information and pictures related to your particular niche. Your audience is not just for buying purposes. You’ve managed to bring together people with similar tastes, and they constantly want to be impressed with great pictures and valuable information, not just sales pitches, otherwise, they’ll simply unfollow you.   

Give behind-the-scene picture

Although most of your work is done online, maybe you have a physical place where you prepare the products for your customers. Posting pictures in real-time, showing how and where you are doing that will show that you are transparent with what you do and you will be able to establish a closer connection with your potential customers. 

It’s best that people will see there is no hidden aspect related to your business and that will act as an incentive to make them more comfortable buying from you. Make your online business transparent, and the results won’t fail to appear in the longer run.   


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