How to Grow A YouTube Channel Without Burning Out

There was a time when one viral video can help establish a YouTube creator. However, today, in order to make a viable living on the platform, creators are expected to publish content consistently and build an audience through authenticity and trust. The pressure to churn out video content that an audience will be interested has caused many to feel overwhelmed and burnt out.

YouTube has become incredibly competitive over the years. There is an established pecking order, and unless you are proving to the algorithm that your content is valuable, it will not be seen. There is no reason for YouTube to pick your video to display on the front page unless you have exhibited consistency. If you want to be one of the best in your niche, you will have to put in the work and that means getting through the Dip.

Get Through The Dip

Best-selling author, Seth Godin describes the Dip as the point where someone decides whether to quit or be exceptional in that field. Starting on YouTube channels is a lot like starting a new sport or playing a new instrument. At first, it’s exciting and it’s new, but then once the novelty fades, it becomes a challenge, because you are not seeing the results right away anymore. You are not receiving contracts from the NBA and no record label is approaching you with deals. You, my friend, are in the Dip.

If you want to be the best you can be on YouTube, you need to tough it out. If you don’t… quit. There’s no shame in it. YouTube might not be right for you and it’s okay to accept that. However, if you can see yourself a few years into the future with a large following on the platform, making bigger better videos, then stick it out, try to innovate, drop another hobby from your schedule, and focus your energy on YouTube. Get out of the Dip by committing to the craft and not focusing on the results.

Be Persistent And Be Learning

Many new YouTube creators will publish a few videos, not see any results and stop before they even gather enough data to understand where they can improve. Start with a plan, create as much content as possible for a few months and then evaluate. Watch the videos, take a look at the analytics, see where viewership is dropping off, and apply what you’ve learned to the next batch of videos.

If you can treat publishing on YouTube as a learning process instead of a get rich fast scheme, you will start to feel personal growth, which will eventually be followed by subscriber growth.

The secret is to make a lot of content and learn from them. The same way a basketball player has to take thousands and thousands of free throws to master the shot, you will have to create thousands and thousands of videos in order to be proficient on YouTube.

Does this sound like something you are ready to do? Here is an infographic designed to help you focus on the right areas and grow your audience on YouTube.



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