5 Ways on How to be Famous on Youtube

Create engaging content

As one of the big houses in the world of the internet, YouTube has surely been a huge part of people’s lives. With video-sharing, a lot of people aspired to show and upload their contents for the whole world to see, but this question still remains: “How does someone climb up the ladder to fame?”

If you are an aspiring YouTuber then this post will be of great help to you! Here are some ways you can do to gain a lot of viewers subscribers:

How to Be Famous on Youtube

How to be famous on Youtube: Five steps

Fix your channel profile

People are drawn to visually aesthetic things and your channel profile is no exception. Making great videos are expected, however, viewers will also come to your profile to check out things about you. So make sure to make it easier to navigate by creating a playlist of your videos.

Upload great profile and cover photo

For you to become famous, your cover and profile picture should instantly grab your audience’s interest. These reflect what your profile is about and there are lots of ways you can do to create and customize it to your liking.

Add a welcome video

Make a short intro for your videos? Why not? Welcome videos are cool as long as you keep it short, catchy, and fun! This can also be a short way to show what your contents are about so your soon to be subscribers know what to expect.

Engage with your audience

People on Hollywood become famous thanks to their supporters. Getting famous on YouTube is no different.

Always respond to your viewers’ comments, good or bad, thoroughly and promptly. This shows how much you care about the content you are giving them.

Building a relationship is a two-way process. Don’t expect to get support if you habitually ignore them, unless the comments are obviously a troll.

If you create a sense of community within them, you can build an even wider audience. Ask them to follow you on your social pages let them know that you accept requests for any future content that they want to see.

The tips mentioned above are the manual ways on how you can engage with your audience. It remains the best way to establish your rapport with target viewers in the hopes of getting more views in return down the line. However, there are other methods on how you can diversify your engagement. One of those ways is by gamifying Youtube views, which you can learn more about by clicking here.

Great video content

A great video content doesn’t necessarily mean having the best camera equipment (but it sure is recommended)!

The beef of your video and what it has to offer is what’s most important.

Here are some ideas for you:

Share a personal story

Sharing your personal story shows your vulnerability to your audiences, which could be a good thing because you’ll be able to connect with them on a deeper level.

Let your audience see your world through their eyes and take the journey with them as you continue on your path to creating more videos.

Create video responses

Everybody is entitled to their own opinions, right? Why not make your opinions and responses into good use?

Making a response that is funny, creative, and smart might get your videos trending online that will give you the recognition you are aiming for.

Collaborate with others

Do you know some YouTubers near your area?

Having connections is important for the road to fame.

If you are the lesser known YouTuber, make sure you don’t just simply capitalize on others’ success.

Reach out to them and be humble and ask if they are open for a collaboration. And before doing this, remember to have a planned content in mind that would benefit both parties.

Post regularly

Always have a schedule when posting your videos. Having a schedule can help your audience to know when to visit and watch your contents and have a day to look forward to.

Launch ad campaigns

Sometimes, organic results are just not enough. It can be discouraging to see that your Youtube views are still the hundreds despite your efforts.

However, maybe you need to approach your promotions strategy a different way. Maybe it’s time to resort to paid ads.

While it’s additional cost and effort to your marketing budget, doing so can give you a momentum and can ultimately boost your channel’s organic growth. Using paid ads, you can target your audience and deliver your videos to them without them looking for it in the search bar. To help you get acquainted with this strategy, read this Hubspot post.

Did the tips above teach you how to be famous on Youtube?

Following the ideas mentioned above are futile without hard work, patience, and perseverance. Who knows? Maybe you’ll soon be the next big name in the Youtube community. So keep those thumbs up and subscribe numbers high and remember to always have fun and love what you are doing!


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