How Global Users Interact With Social Media

Social Media Use Around The World

Social media networks have taken the world by storm as billions of users log into their favorite platforms to check up on friends, share information about their own lives and even to store their videos, photos and favorite news stories.

While people around the world have adapted to social networking, the ways in which they use those networks varies greatly.

For example, 35% of Irish citizens choose mobile devices for their network browsing, while 26% of Australians choose mobile devices for consuming their daily media.

In comparison, 31% of mobile app use from French users is conducted on mobile devices.

The team at WishPond compiled the data and found that Chinese buyers are three times more likely to make purchasing decisions based on social media recommendations.

In Portugal children are easier to reach than other countries thanks to the Hi5 network which is very popular among pre-teen users. Portugal does not have the same child advertising restrictions faced by advertisers and social networks in the United States.

Take a look at the compiled information below. If you are a digital marketing expert or simply interested in how the world interacts via social media there are some interesting facts.



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