HoverChat Is A Messaging App For Multitaskers

Hoverchat app

HoverChat is an SMS replacement app for Android, is the first Egyptian Y-Combinator startup. The app’s primary purpose is to provide the ultimate messaging-based multitasking experience.

The app is seeing around 8,000 new downloads every day and has already been downloaded over 200,000 times on Google play. According to data from Google Analytics, most of the apps users are people under the age of 25.

HoverChat was founded a year ago in Egypt by Mostafa Gazar, Ahmed Galal, and Wafel Nafee. Prior to founding HoverChat, Nafee sold an OCR mobile application to one of the top Saudi Arabian mobile operators. The mobile app enabled users to charge their prepaid cards by taking a picture of them.

“If you look at the messaging landscape, they all have a very similar user interface. They all expect users to behave the same way with interacting with their app,” says Nafee.

His teams goal is to build an SMS replacement application that offers a different experience for Android users than other apps do.

HoverChat combines a user’s multitasking workflow with messaging so that people can do more things and communicate with more people with less friction.

The SMS replacement application HoverChat is free on Google Play.



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