Hot Girl Poses With Dead Shark, Adults Ruin It With PSA [Photo]

hot girl poses with dead shark

A photo of a hot girl posing with what appears to be a dead shark has been going viral all week, and instead of letting everyone just enjoy that, grownups were quick to put the kibosh on the photo by turning the whole situation into one of those “teachable moments.” In this case, they questioned the wisdom of posing for a selfie with a dead shark.

The photo, which features an unidentified young woman straddling a dead shark on an Australian beach, can be seen below:

Australian wildlife officials caught wind of the photo and issued a statement that despite the oh-so apparent selfie opportunities that can be had in such a situation, people should pretty much avoid dead sharks that wash up on the beach because they might not be as dead as they appear.

“The seasonal migration for the species of shark is in March and April, and they migrate from New South Wales so it is possible that it was migrating and possibly got washed onto the beach in high tide,” marine wildlife spokesperson Kate Willson said.

So there’s your PSA: Don’t pose for selfies with dead sharks.

There’s also some discrepancy over the age of the girl in the photo. The Huffington Post vaguely called her a “teen” and there was some debate around our own water cooler about how exactly you can tell. It’s important to know so as not to cross that incredibly important line between “look, a hot chick!” and “that seems to be a human of the female gender.”

So, we desperately hope she’s 18, or else we just went full creep. Never go full creep.

If you know the girl posing with the dead shark in the photo above, drop us a line at or reach out to me on Twitter.

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