Man With Giant Balls Removes Eight Foot Long Snake Hidden In His House

How do you think you would react if you found a snake of that size (seen above) in your house? Though most people would throw a fit, that is what snake handlers are for, as their speciality is right in their name. That is exactly what one family did when they found out a rather large (and deadly) Black Mamba had taken up residence in their house. They called a snake handler and grabbed the camera. Smart family.

The following video shows you the snake handler at work, and it is like he is trying to find a pet hamster. No fear at all and a smile always on his face. It is nothing to him, yet to us watching it gives us tiny heart-attacks.

It just proves to people that there are people who, much like Liam Neeson, “have a very particular set of skills.” This man is a fearless snake master, if there can be such a title.




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