Hysterical Mannequin Prank Scares People Riding The Elevator [Video]

Mannequins are creepy asf, okay.

See, what we mean!; Photo: Gifer

Mannequins are one of those items that are somewhat necessary even though they are undoubtedly scary.

Being freaked out by mannequins is common actually, and is known as automatonophobia, which to you and us is the fear of things that appear human but do not move or talk. Wax figures, audio-animatronics, humanoid robots, audio-animatronics, mannequins, or other figures crafted to represent humans all suit the bill.

It is presently unknown exactly what causes this phobia. It may be in part due to our own intrinsic expectations of human behavior. We tend to distrust persons who blankly stare, remain quiet, or act in manners that we do not deem “normal.” Whether simply standing silent or programmed to move, still human-like figures are a bit alarming.

Above, is footage of an uproarious prank being played on individuals riding an elevator in Beirut, Lebanon.

A couple of guys carry real model mannequins out of the elevator, leaving two of them behind seemingly propped up inside. But, it turns out the “mannequins” are ACTUAL people in complete bodysuits, covering their faces totally so they look just like the featureless mannequins!

The “mannequins” move around, scaring the s*** out of people in the elevator. In all seriousness, we would have sharted our shorts all over the place had one of these “mannequins came to life” and towards us … like, omg no!

Phoenix Suns “Mannequins”!; Photo: Gifbin

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