Here Are The Most Adorable #TakeYourKidToWorkDay Tweets With Pictures

take your kid to work day

So today is “Take Your Kid to Work Day” is today, which is even more fun than casual Friday and Twitter is celebrating with the hashtag #TakeYourKidToWorkDay. Some of the Tweets that are coming from this hashtag are ridiculously adorable, every little guy/girl wants to go to work with their parents every once in a while. Some of the companies are playing into the day as well and getting ready for the little dudes.

All my internet research seems to point that this is actually the case and what a great way to encourage girls.

Take Your Kid To Work Day also proved to be a great PR opportunity for businesses who know how to work their social media accounts.

Festival Foods is a grocery store that’s preparing lunch boxes for the kids coming in to work today and it’s super adorable.

Albright Stonebridge is a global “strategic advising firm”.

One Fox station even had the kids reading the news and doing the weather.

This one is just funny.

Featured Image: [Flickr/HeyMarchetti]
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