Hercules Trailer Debuts, Immediately Trends On Facebook

Hercules and Dwyane Johnson - Movie Trailer

Can Dwayne Johnson carry Hercules on his own god-like sized shoulders? If Facebook is any indication the answer is yes. The first Hercules trailer debuted on Tuesday and it immediately began showing up on Facebook Trends.

The Hercules trailer is narrated by Ian McShane and is relatively spoiler-free. The trailer shows the always ripped Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as he takes on humans, animals and monsters.

The movie, which opens on July 25, is the work of director Brett Ratner. The movie will take on a big summer set that includes Jupiter Ascending from the Wachowski brothers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

The $110 million blockbuster will debut in 3D.

The movie has a lot to prove after the complete commercial failure of the Lionsgate version of the fabled character. The Legend of Hercules failed miserably upon its release.

Johnson on the other hand has plenty of success. Between the Fast & Furious franchise, G.I. Joe, The Mummy Returns, and various other action-packed hits, Dwayne Johnson has helped drive more than $1 billion in national and international box office successes. It’s hard to bet against a guy who took The Tooth Fairy to $112 million and The Game Plan to $147 million.

While Dwayne Johnson has propelled hits with the help of Disney, it will be interesting to see if his face on the poster of the Hercules movie can drive an international success and lead to a possible franchise.




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