Facebook Remains King Of Social Referrals, Pinterest Movin’ On Up

Social Media Stats

Facebook, with it’s one billion plus active users, is no surprise the leader in social referrals, and according to new data, Pinterest continues on the rise.

Shareaholic published social media traffic referral data from Q4 2013, which was gathered from over 200,000 websites.

Here were the results:

  • Facebook – 15.44 percent
  • Pinterest – 4.79 percent
  • Twitter – 1.12 percent
  • Stumbleupon – 0.86 percent
  • Reddit – 0.21 percent
  • YouTube – 0.19 percent
  • LinkedIn – 0.05 percent
  • Google+ – 0.05 percent

Facebook grew 48.85 percent from Q3 2013, and Pinterest grew 30.06 percent.

While Stumbleupon ranked fourth, it saw the largest growth at 54.36 percent, and Google+ saw a nearly 19 percent increase.

Unfortunately, YouTube saw the largest decrease at nearly 35 percent, followed by LinkedIn at nearly 27 percent and Reddit at 17.68 percent.

Social Media Stats

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