Harry Potter Fans Can’t Get Enough of This Black Hermione Fan Art

Harry Potter Fans Can't Get Enough of This Black Hermione Fan Art

Remember the backlash over the casting of actress Noma Dumezweni as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child back in 2015? At the time, a number of Potterheads (aka, the racist ones) struggled with the idea of a black Hermione in the theatre production, and complained the character should have been white, despite J.K Rowling never specifying the character’s ethnicity.

Thankfully, opinion seems to have shifted, or maybe the bigots have finally realised that magic is for everyone. Either way, when artist Sophia Canning poster her painting of Hermione as a black woman to Twitter, the internet went crazy over it for all the right reasons.

Digitally painted in Photoshop, the portrait was inspired by model and YouTube star Jasmine Brown, and it’s just plain stunning.

And fans around the web are bewitched

People were particularly curious as to the books she was reading

Some even mistook the painting for a cosplay

WAIT WHAT?! i literally thought this was A REAL PICTURE. i thought this was cosplay jsdhdjksshslksskl

It’s good to know that Hermione is an inclusive character that all little girls can look up to!

For more of Sophia’s amazing artwork, visit her website.

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