Groupon Ad Campaign Attempts To Rebuild Image

Groupon Ad Timothy Hutton

Social shopping website Groupon is hoping to rebuild its shattered image through the use of a new ad campaign. According to Ad Age the social buying website is talking to a “select number” of ad agencies about the creation of new ads for its network.

The ads will launch sometime in 2013 and could possibly include a Super Bowl ad.

Groupon has not had the best luck with Super Bowl ads, two years ago the company launched a money saving campaign in which actor Timothy Hutton talked about the failing Tibet culture before noting, “but they still whip up an amazing fish curry,” a comment geared at the amazing deal he had just received on Groupon. While the social coupon website eventually pulled the ad the damage was already done.

Since that time Groupon stocks have been devastated and the SEC has launched a probe into the company’s fourth-quarter results. Since November Groupon shares have lost 80% of their value.

Here’s the original Groupon Super Bowl ad:



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