Gorgeous Hannah Barron From Alabama Shows People How To Deal With Catfish Online

Photo by YouTube/Total Outdoor Programming

Being a catfish is not cool unless you are a literal one who lives in Alabama, United States. If that is the case, then you have a chance of being caught and handled by Hannah Barron, this her right here:

A Southern beauty like that? Who wouldn’t want to be womanhandled by her? Even her accent is strong enough to act as a figurative bait in attracting a school of man fishes. Despite Hannah’s popularity right now, she is not fishing for attention, she just loves to catch catfish and is even a bonafide expert in doing so. By catfish, we mean actual ones and not people who pretend to be beautiful for a blind date.

Not your typical girl

Regardless, Hannah is taking social media by storm not only for her stunning beauty and accent but also for her expertise. She is one of the rare and rugged types of women who are not afraid to get dirty, literally, river mud and catfish slime included.

Speaking of catfish slime, here is Hannah also using the icky fish fluid for her hair. She did admit that it was somewhat better than any hairspray, so the ladies might want to take note.

Veteran catfish catcher

Hannah Barron has been noodling and catching catfish for four years now and has even caught some genuine river monsters. Oftentimes, Hannah does not even need tools in order to catch the catfish themselves. One of her most popular videos was that of her catching a 30-pound catfish using only her bare hands, beat that one fishermen!

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