Google Maps Blurred This Cow’s Face And The Internet Is Losing Sleep Over It

google maps cow

There are some things that just keep you up at night. For some, the latest reason for a night of tossing and turning is the latest Google Maps’ discovery.

Google street view fanatics discovered a snapshot out of Coe Fen, U.K. The photo featured two cows walking down the road. However, the first cow’s face is blurred out. The Internet began to question: who is this cow? Is he an undercover bovine or a key to national security?

Google street view has been around for a while. Introduced in 2007, people were immediately fascinated by the fact that you can see pretty much any area in the world without leaving your couch. People absolutely lost their minds when they spotted the Google cars in their neighborhoods. However, there were some people that didn’t appreciate their faces being broadcasted to the world. In response to the complaints, Google created an algorithm to blur the faces of people captured on the street view cameras. Of course, just like every online algorithm, there are kinks. It seems as Street View’s face recognition still has a few issues.

Who were the other guys again?

The image has been shared countless times and it seems it is time to catch up on our cow humor.

Seriously though, people are really milking this thing.

All corny jokes aside, we need to get down to the bottom of this. Who is this cow and what is he hiding?! Perhaps, Google knows something we don’t know…

Kokou Adzo

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