Google+ Has Become A Ghost Town Despite 90+ Million Users

Google Plus is a Graveyard

Google+ has had an impressive run since launching in June 2011, attracting more than 90 million users to the platform and while Google CEO Larry Page continues to preach the utter destruction of Facebook there’s just one problem, new users are not attempting to engage on the network after they sign up.

A report in the Wall Street Journal examined comScore analytics for Google+ and discovered that new users spend just three minutes per month on Google+ compared to six to seven hours on Facebook.

According to one media buyer:

“Google+ “does not have the same degree of vibrancy that Facebook, Twitter, or even Pinterest has at the moment.”

Backing up that claim is app developer Zynga which says CityVille and Zynga Poker has been slow to catch on within the Google+ environment.

While engagement growth may be slow at the moment it’s not something that’s concerning Google employees with one VP noting that Google+ is meant to be more of a “destination” website, arguing that it adds value to Google services including YouTube and the company’s flagship search product.



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