Google+ For Android Receives Five Major Improvements

Google+ For Android

Google+ for Android has been updated today, receiving several “highly-requested” features. Previously, switching between profiles or pages meant logging out, and logging back in under the appropriate account.

Now, users can more easily switch between accounts in a few taps. Google Apps for Business features are now fully supported, allowing Apps customers to use Google+ for Android just like they can on the web.

Google Drive has been integrated further, and you can view or share stored photos and videos directly from the app.

If you have location sharing turned on, it’s now easier to share specific locations with specific people. For example, you could share your “pinpoint” or precise location with a close friends or family circle, and share a less precise “city-level” location with other circles or public.

In May 2013, Google launched cross-platform messaging service Hangouts, and it’s finally replacing “Messenger” within the Google+ app.

According to Virgil Dobjanschi, Android developer at Google, users will be able to download all of their Messenger conversations from Google Takeout.

The Google+ app update is rolling out now on Android, and an update is “coming soon” to iOS.



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