Globr Lets You Talk To Anyone In The World, Even If They Don’t Speak Your Language

Instant Translation

The world is more interconnected than ever. Travel is fast and communication is instant. But one thing that has slowed globalization and the shrinking of the world is language, there is just too many of them.

Globr is an instant messaging client that is setting out to fix that. It isn’t going to teach everyone Esperanto, but it does plan to make communication between people of different languages easier.

Globr allows users that speak different languages to communicate by automatically translating messages sent from one user to the desired language of the receiver. The app is currently in a closed BETA for Android but it plans to open up to the public soon.

Globr started as many things do, because of love. One of its creators met a French girl. They enjoyed each other’s company, but the two found the language barrier to be a source of frustration. And so the Globr project was born.

In addition to the translation feature, Globr offers the regular array of instant messaging apps, including unlimited messages, voice and video messaging (presumably untranslated) and of course, the world’s true universal language: emoticons.

Best of all, Globr will be available for free. The base development is completed for Android and iOS, but the company plans to bring it to Windows Phone and Blackberry as well.

[Photo Credit: Globr]

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