Glenn Greenwald Goes To The Mattresses On Twitter To Defend Snowden

Journalist Glenn Greenwald recently left The Guardian after breaking the massive NSA leak story through Edward Snowden, and a recent “hit piece” on The Daily Beast sparked a Twitter firestorm from the American reporter.

Greenwald was the safest source Snowden felt he could entrust his cache of data to after failing to obtain assistance from NSA higher-ups, and the Guardian report on the massive leak made a worldwide impact.

In recent days, support to repatriate Edward Snowden with minimal or no consequence due to the scope of the abuses revealed in his leak has reached a fever pitch, and even the New York Times — where Greenwald recently sparred with Bill Keller over journalism and security — advocated for at least partial clemency in a recent, lengthy piece by their Editorial Board.

On Twitter, Greenwald has been addressing a scantly sourced piece in The Daily Beast aimed at inhibiting the momentum Snowden’s case has received in recent days — and as is often the case with the plainspoken writer, the gloves are off.

In response to the argument against clemency for Snowden, Greenwald tweeted today:

He continues:

Greenwald adds:

The piece to which Greenwald is responding comes as a worldwide protest for Snowden’s clemency has gone viral:

In addition to Greenwald’s vocal dissent, the New York Timeshas published additional pieces reiterating that when “someone reveals that government officials have routinely and deliberately broken the law, that person should not face life in prison at the hands of the same government.”



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