Giphy Search Engine Makes It Easy To Find The Right Animated GIF

GIF Search Engine

Sharing animated GIFs with friends can be a ton of fun, though finding them can often be a pain if you don’t have a lot of time to rummage through the likes of Tumblr in search of the right one.

Thankfully there’s Giphy, a search engine devoted to helping you find the right animated image. The next time you feel the need to share a funny Total Recall image on Twitter or Facebook, finding the appropriate GIF is now a lot easier.

If the subject you’re looking for has been hashtagged, then chances are you can find it in the search. The website features a number of popular categories right on the front page. Giphy currently features #Beyonce and #cat at the moment, though this will likely change due to whatever topic is popular on social media.

Although you can find a plethora of animated images featuring celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Gosling, and Robert Downey Jr., the site doesn’t just cater to those who love to star at famous people. The site has cataloged a wide variety of images that are sure to put a smile on more than a few faces.

The next time you’re looking for that perfect animated GIF of a Storm Trooper giving you and your friends the middle finger, be sure to give Giphy a shot. Although not everyone may enjoy your image, at least it wouldn’t take you hours to find it. That in itself is a major plus.



Todd Rigney

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