Giftri Uses Facebook Data To Offer Gift Recommendations On Amazon

Giftri Gift Recommendatoins

Giftri is a Spanish startup that taps into Facebook’s massive amount of data to recommend personalized gift recommendations for friends.

The startup analyzes your friend list and products, brands, in addition to other things that correspond to things they have liked. This data is plugged into an algorithm and machine learning to recommend products on Amazon’s database to help you pick out the best gift from thousands of options.

Giftri makes money by taking an affiliate commission from Amazon for facilitating the buyers to Amazon.

In the future the startup plans on adding more online retailers to its platform to beef up its item selection list.

Søren Beck Jensen, founder of Giftri says they look at the general Facebook profile of users, such as a single woman in her 30’s living in California, then parses it through a big data map for Amazon.

From there algorithms are used to discover ideal Amazon categories like ladies purses or art supplies for that particular profile. The next step is finding the most gifted or wished for items.

Giftri also makes recommendations based specifically on likes, so if a user has liked a band the platform may recommend one of their highest ranking albums.



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