Get Into The Holiday Spirit With Wine Scented Toilet Paper

scented toilet paper

You catch the whiff of mulled wine and are reminded of the holiday season. But then you suddenly become confused. There isn’t any mulled wine around. In fact, you are in the bathroom.

scented toilet paper

Apparently, Tesco wants to make sure you are in the holiday spirit no matter what you are doing with their mulled spiced wine luxury bath tissue. According to the grocery chain, the “mulled spice scented toilet tissue has a mulled spice fragrance core and a decorated paper for extra indulgence everyday.”

Not the type of indulgence we would prefer…

Tesco also explained that the scented roll contains citrol, eugenol, cinnamol, citronella and limonene. Just so you know what is getting so close to your bum.

If scented toilet tissue is your thing, you can snag a pack for £2 at all Tesco shops.

The Metro reports that shoppers are scratching their head over the holiday-themed toilet paper. One customer told reporters he was completely baffled by the product.

“I have absolutely no idea why Tesco might think we have all been waiting for loo paper to smell of mulled wine. It might just put people off the seasonal drink for ever.”

And it seems that Twitter agrees.

I think we are all just happy that the fragrance isn’t on the actual toilet tissue. What do you think? Would you give this scented toilet paper a chance?

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