Gemma Sheridan’s Google Earth Rescue Unbelievable, Probably Because It’s Not True

gemma sheridan hoax

Did you see the shocking story of Gemma Sheridan’s Google Earth rescue spreading on Facebook?

The tale of a woman named Gemma Sheridan, Google Earth, and seven years as a castaway has been circulating on social networks, because it sounds so incredibly implausible. (Hint: because this is not a cromulent news story.)

SND‘s policy is in part to avoid linking to hoaxes when we can, so we’ll quote the claim made of Sheridan’s fantastic voyage. The preface explains:

“There was a huge storm that took out the boats electronics and washed her 2 friends overboard and seriously damaged her boat. Without any electronics and with a damaged boat, Gemma drifted for 17 days until she was hit by another major storm. During the storm, Gemma was knocked unconscious and the rest is history … Gemma awoke on a beach, surrounded by wreckage from her boat.”

A three-hour tour, a three-hour tour …

In the words of Gemma Sheridan, allegedly, years passed before some kid in the Midwest spied her massive, sandcastle SOS … on Google Earth. The viral hoax “quotes” the woman:

“Inside was a radio, fresh water, food and a small medical kit. I switched on the radio and heard the first human voice for years. We talked for what seemed like an eternity, then I asked the voice on the other end “How did you find me” to which they replied ‘Some kid from Minnesota found your SOS sign on Google Earth’ … I didn’t even know what Google Earth was, but I’m eternally in their debt now.”

The image attached to the hoax post actually was taken quite a while ago, in Kyrgyzstan.

Suffice to say, Gemma Sheridan’s Google Earth rescue isn’t reported elsewhere on the web. It initially appeared at the end of last year, and such a story would undoubtedly make international news, were there any truth to it. Don’t pass on this incredible but spurious tale of a modern day shipwrecking, because it’s just another Facebook-targeted hoax.

Kim LaCapria

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