Gallery: Some Days We Just Need Cats To Make Life Better


Cats are like the sacred sphinx of the internet. They do not speak our language or, honestly, even pay much attention to us unless they need something, but cats RUN the internet (probably from their secret headquarters shaped like a cat’s head carved into the side of a mountain). But some days, they are the only fix we need.

The days when we don’t want to argue over politics or read some sad news about more sexual allegations, cat memes are ALWAYS a quick fix to make that sadness and reality part for a moment.

Here, I Will prove it with help from Reddit:

Who can be mad at mustache cat?


Invisicat can float in mid-air:


Sorry kitty, everyone knows the cake is a lie:


And lastly but definitely my personal favorite cat for the day, Cat Vader or Darth Cattius depending on your mood:


See, cats!

All I had to do was show you a bevy of cute cats and your day has already turned around! You are in a better mood then when you began this article. We call that cagic, which is mix between cats and magic and is a well known element mined from the internet daily.



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